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Canonizer Services

The Canonizer methodology is the best leaderless consensus building and tracking system in the world. Canonizer enables large organizations to build consensus out of controversy while amplifying the wisdom of the crowd on such issues. The Canonizer system enables large groups of people to speak with a unified voice with no censoring, other than supporters of particular camps controlling what is accepted into their camp.

To find out how hundreds of thousands of people feel on a particular issue, we can provide consultants to help train large groups to speak with one intelligent unified voice. Typical examples include we can train the residents of a city to communicate, concisely and quantitatively, what they all want from their city.

Maintain a canonizer algorithm

$1 / linked user ID / month

This does not include a one time setup fee (see below) which is dependent on the complexity of the work done to set the algorithm, as specified by the client.

Setup user verification with organization’s membership database

$300 / hour setup time

Would probably take less than 40 hours of setup time depending on the complexity of db.

Maintain a namespace for topics to be used for the community

$1,000 / month

Maintain community topics

$100 per topic per month

Registered users would be able to create new topics and assign them to the community name space.

Canonizer consultant moderator time

$20,000 / month

Large groups of people communicating with one unified voice is not a natural thing for people to do. However, with the right training, crowds can learn how to amplify the wisdom of the crowd and teach them how to build and track consensus around the most controversial issues. Once a community becomes familiar with the Canonizer methodology, the process becomes self sustaining, no longer requiring consulting assistance.

This would include one full-time consultant who would work with the community to train them about how to communicate with one unified voice, while working to build consensus out of controversy. They would recruit people to ‘canonize’ their views on things and work as a moderator to build as much consensus as possible, while finding controversial things people disagree on and helping them to push such issues down into sub camps, where they can be tracked, while focusing on the consensus being built around what people agree on.

Fractions of this are possible. For example $5,000 / month would pay for one consultant to be dedicated to your project for half time during that month.

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