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Go live Time : 20 November 2021, 04:16 PM
We believe it is important to distinguish between two different types of want, or desire, or chose and so on:

  1. Mistaken want
  2. True want
If one thinks they want something, then they later learn new information, they may realize they didn’t really want that, given the new information. In that case, there initial want was a mistaken want. After one learns the new information, they then know their initial want was a mistaken want, and their new different want, is now at least closer to what is truly wanted.

In a finite state, we can never know, absolutely, what one ‘truly wants’ with absolute surety, as we may always, at some time in the future, discover that we were mistaken, yet again, and that it would have been better for us to make a different choice.

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