Topic: Canonizer3 History Page Design

Camp: Agreement / Non consensus camp

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What is needed before we will support any consensus camp

We see the following issues with the existing camps which we’d like to see resolved in the design before we get on board.
  1. History pages like this will work for camp and topic records, but for camp statements, we need to be able to do all the kind of difference comparison stuff you can do on Wikipedia’s history pages like this one on qualia.
  2. We don’t think the canonizer algorithm, as of, and canonized list for section on the side is necessary. We realize the design is to always stay on one “topic” page for everything, but this seems to be confusing for the specific history page functionality. We think it would be better to have a dedicated history page, with this stuff on the side bar, as is specified in the Talentelgia design.

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Topic Name : Canonizer3 History Page Design
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Camp Name : Non consensus camp
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