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Go live Time : 21 August 2021, 09:59 PM

$15K Design Sprint or Discovery

We would like to hire all credible applicants with $15K USD for a 4 week Design Sprint or Discovery phase of for this project. If you move your camp to a supporting sub camp of this camp and describe what you will do, during this 4 week period in your camp, this will likely qualify your company for this $15K USD payment to get things started.

One best practice in the canonization process is to not include duplicate things in sibling camps, so, where possible, it is better to find sibling camps with the same ideas, then create a super camp for this idea which both camps agree on, the move both of your camps into supporting sub camps of this super camp. For example, there is already a camp that is recommending the use of kuberneties. If you agree with that, it would help if you reach out to that camp and collaboratively come up with a super camp and both move your camps into supporting sub camps of that super camp.

Of course, this is not always possible, so it is just a guideline. You may put anything you want in your camp statements, and any supporters of a camp can object to any changes to your camp which you don’t like..

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