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As of Nov, 2007, here are some critical Canonizer development tasks remaining:

  1. Documentation / help system and further user interface clean up.
  2. Credit attribute system to enable percentage credit lists tracking for statement submitters.
  3. Personal Attribute management system and Canonization system driven by such. This is basically a list of attributes, such as I have a PhD from a particular institution, I am an atheist, and lots of stuff like this for "canonizer" algorithms to use to use to determine how much support there is, by people with these attributes, for each camp.
  4. Fully redundant node DB system that can rapidly scale up to spontaneous world wide demand. (looking forward to when we start to get slashdoted and stuff without such killing us.)

The first 3 seem relatively easy, and just require some more volunteer time by and effort by almost anyone to get them completed. These should be enough to get a good start with things.
The 4th one, however, will be much more involved. The faster and larger we want to grow, the more this effort, and getting it right, will become critical.
There is now a canonizer topic created for the purpose of specifying the problem, and canonizing a design for the best way to accomplish our goals here:
A general outline of what would be required to accomplish all this would be the first requirement. Second would be a much more detailed and specific design for such a system. Finally, the actual development to get such a system completed such that it can be installed on any set of computers on the internet.
This topic in the /organization/canonizer/ name space is a general request for proposals of how to accomplish these tasks. We hope as many people and organizations as possible will contribute proposals (as your POV or camp) for how these could be accomplished as efficiently as possible, in keeping with the Canonizer values and goals.
As much as possible we want to develop the Canonizer with the minimum possible amount of venture capital and debt to get us started. We hope to soon have a real revenue stream, get ahead of the curve, and fund growth without debt as much as possible. But we are also realists, and if we see a proposal enabling a plan that has a good chance of achieve our goals, we will take it. If we can develop some of this at a low enough cost, can make real estimates of expected income sufficient to produce a workable business plan, we expect to take such to some venture capitalists to seek funds for such development to reach our goals sooner.
This request for proposals is asking for what could be done to accomplish any of the above tasks, and at what cost. Any help of producing estimates of how much revenue could be generated with various actions we might take that could be used in a business plan or anything else would also be welcomed.

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