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Go live Time : 30 September 2021, 06:11 AM
Summary What’s In Your Bottled Water – Besides Water? Pure, clean water. That’s what the ads say. But what does the lab say? When you shell out for bottled water, which costs up to 1,900 times more than tap water, you have a right to know what exactly is inside that pricey plastic bottle. Most bottled makers don’t agree. They keep secret some or all the answers to these elementary questions: • Where does the water come from? • Is it purified? How? • Have tests found any contaminants? Among the ten best-selling brands, nine — Pepsi’s Aquafina, Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Crystal Geyser and 6 of 7 Nestlé brands — don’t answer at least one of those questions. Only one — Nestlé’s Pure Life Puri- fied Water — discloses its specific geographic water source and treat- ment method on the label and offers an 800-number, website or mailing address where consumers can request a water quality test report. The industry’s refusal to tell consumers everything they deserve to know about their bottled water is surprising. Since July 2009, when Environmental Working Group released its groundbreaking Bottled Water Scorecard documenting the industry’s failure to disclose contaminants and other crucial facts about their products, bottled water producers have been taking withering fire from consumer and environ- mental groups. A new EWG survey of 173 unique bottled water products finds a few improvements – but still too many secrets and too much advertising hype. Overall, 18 percent of bottled waters fail to list the location of their source, and 32 percent disclose nothing about the treatment or purity of the water. Seriously? I paid 1900 times more than tap water for THIS? Environmental Working Group

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