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Go live Time : 09 December 2006, 02:44 PM
Eventually, if/when Canonizer LLC starts bringing in enough revenue to cover its costs it is our goal to contribute some of this revenue back to the contributors (If they provide there Social Security Number in the US and so on.) For each topic statement contributed, the amount of revenue derived from that content will be tracked. We currently intend on paying about 10% (as/when decided by the canonizer) of that revenue back to the contributors responsible.

Once the foreign language translation support system is completed, it is also our intention to return 100% of any revenue received due to contributions by someone located in any 3rd world country or any 'enemy' of, or any country being occupied by another country as defined by the canonizer. It is our goal for the Canonizer to 'invade' all such countries as soon as and as fully as possible in accordance with our goal of knowing and getting them all that they really want as justly and as soon as is possible ' again with our priorities being first on the little guys.

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