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Go live Time : 21 September 2021, 01:29 PM
While campaigning for Sandy City Mayor, Jim Bennett identified 75 specific issues that other candidates and residents seem to agree with.

What do you think?

75 Continue to improve Sandy’s technology.

74 Be accessible to Sandy residents.

73 Seek affordable clean power solutions to Sandy City residents.

72 Find businesses to fill empty storefronts.

71 Work with local youth organizations to provide wholesome activities.

70 Prevent corruption, nepotism and cronyism from entering city government.

69 Respect resident’s property rights.

68 Remember that Sandy government’s purpose is to support it’s residents – not the other way around.

67 Continue to develop and improve technological solutions to benefit Sandy residents.

66 Seek quality entertainment to the Sandy Amphitheater.

65 Keep Sandy’s parks clean, safe and fun.

64 Prepare Sandy City for emergencies.

63 Make sure that Sandy City property has snow removed as quickly as private property.

62 Review zoning ordinances to ensure they are fair and equitable.

61 Find the most effective, lowest cost option to solve city problems.

60 Build consensus not division between Sandy’s diverse groups and onions.

59 Promote planned and appropriate growth in Sandy.

58 Return to weekly recycling.

57 Host community events to support Sandy residents and businesses.

56 Build additional dog friendly parks.

55 Continue my father’s (US Senator Bob Bennett) and grandfather’s (US Senator Wallace Bennett) legacies of selfless public service.

54 Uphold Sandy’s family values.

53 Ensure Sandy has adequate water supplies.

52 Listen to citizen’s impacted by proposed development.

51 Support the arts in Sandy.

50 Protect Sandy’s taxpayers.

49 Return to season ticket sales at the amphitheater.

48 Keep neighborhoods safe.

47 Advocate for all Sandy residents.

46 Keep Sandy’s roads, sidewalks and other infrastructure safe and dependable.

45 Interact continually with the community by meeting regularly with residents, community organizations and churches and supporting local businesses.

44 Encourage Sandy residents to support local businesses.

43 Find additional restaurants to open in Sandy.

42 Preserve Dimple Dell Park and work with Salt Lake County officials to build benches and other amenity so all can enjoy its peace and serenity.

41 Be a good neighbor to cities on Sandy’s borders.

40 Apply for eligible community block grants for Sandy’s infrastructure and other and other qualified projects.

39 Partner with community organizations to provide services to Sandy residents.

38 Be the biggest cheerleader for Sandy City residents and businesses.

37 Keep Sandy’s senior citizens safe and engaged.

36 Always provide open and honest communication with Sandy residents.

35 Expand recreational programs in Sandy.

34 Expand recreational programs in Sandy.

33 Review all Sandy ordinances to ensure they are fair and equitable.

32 Communicate regularly with all residents.

31 Improve emergency communication procedures.

30 Construct additional pickleball courts.

29 Explore business development bonds, redevelopment agencies other methods to attract and retain businesses.

28 Work with county, state, and federal government officials to promote Sandy’s interests.

27 Work with the City Council not against them.

26 Make Alta Canyon’s swimming pool accessible year-round.

25 Make a budget and stick to it.

24 Work with all Sandy residents regardless of background or political ideology.

23 Be responsible with Sandy’s tax revenue and budget.

22 Work with state officials to continue bulk-waste pickup.

21 Work with school district officials to keep children safe.

20 Work with community partners to pay for Alta Canyon improvements.

19 Make sure all city services are beneficial to Sandy residents.

18 Allow community groups to use the amphitheater for local productions.

17 Treat employees and staff with dignity and respect.

16 Retain and attract the best city employees.

15 Continually improve city services.

14 Encourage Sandy residents to participate in government.

13 Preserve canyon access for the benefit Sandy residents.

12 Unify not divide Sandy!

11 Be a fiscal conservative and keep Sandy’s taxes low.

10 Develop the Cairns area in Sandy’s downtown.

9 Ensure a bright future for Sandy City.

8 Ensure that large multi-unit housing developments are placed in appropriate locations, not in the middle of single-family neighborhoods.

7 Look for simple, common sense, solutions to Sandy’s problems.

6 Make Certain that Sandy City’s first responders have the resources they need to provide the highest level of service.

5 Develop a sustainable business tax base.

4 Recruit new businesses to Sandy to fill empty storefronts.

3 Create an environment that incentivizes current businesses to expand appropriately.

2 Keep Sandy as the best place in Utah to live, raise a family, work, shop and play.

1 Make Sandy City government responsible and responsive to its residents.

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