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Go live Time : 12 June 2022, 07:53 PM

Canonizer Values

Here we invite participation in building a consensus on Canonizer Values.

Sub Camps (above) reflect specifically proposed values

This topic uses the canonizer/canonizer algorithm. Other algorithms may be manually selected.

It is important and relevant to note that all of the Values proposed hereunder do not necessarily represent the values of the Canonizer or everyone associated with or published on or who has otherwise indicated support for any particular camp or camps on the Canonizer.

It should be clearly understood that each proposed value can only be assumed to have the support of those indicated as supporters. Also, this should not be construed to mean that other users who have not specifically indicated their support for a particular value do not support it. They may. They may not. They may not even be aware that it has been published.

Some values, described below, may be considered offensive, indefensible, or even absurd, as presented, by users who may otherwise support other values presented below.

We suggest that it is safest, wisest, and most fair to make no assumptions.

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