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Communication is a Privilege, not a Right

Communication is a privilege, not a right, and should be treated with and convey respect for the interests of all with whom it is intended.

Respectful communication should be forthright, honest, fair, and accurate.

All efforts to communicate may certainly be less than perfect, however every sincere effort should be made to be attentive to honesty and fairness. Such would necessarily include utmost sincerity in intellectual discipline and the goal of accuracy in representations.

Certainly, the skill and effectiveness with communication will vary and imperfection should be reasonably tolerated and overlooked where such is innocent. However, reckless disregard for accuracy and fairness should never be tolerated.

The fact that brainstorming should be encouraged for problem solving, and that brainstorming which would include suggested solutions or positions as camps on the Canonizer, might be less than perfectly thought out in advance of proposing ideas for consideration, in no way excuses the employment of recklessly inaccurate statements, assessments, or assertions as part of a proposal.

The Canonizer loses all credibility and becomes a forum that fosters wasted efforts and disrespect for people's time and attentiveness where reckless inaccuracy or unfairness is encouraged or tolerated, even in proposals or brainstorming.

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