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Go live Time : 04 October 2007, 05:17 PM
As of Sep 2007, there are about 3000 outstanding pseudo shares of Canonizer LLC keeping track of all contributions. IF someone offered $3 million, or even $30 million, or more this would mean each of these shares would be worth about $1000, or even $10,000 or more.

However, we believe the Canonizer to be a potentially far more financially exothermic process than deserving of these sums. And more importantly we believe the Canonizer to be a kind of a grass roots, network led, world movement, or even almost a religion, with the possibility of kicking the morals of the world up to an exponentially improving 21st century level. This is something we believe is desperately needed given the increasingly difficult moral decisions bearing down on us like freight trains from the technological future.

We consider the Canonizer to be owned by everyone. Anyone, or any company, can participate, contribute, and enjoy in the spoils equally, with a bias towards the little guy. We make an effort to make detailed records of all contributions, and to date there have been no contracts for expected returns or percentages from anyone. Our goal is to have a canonization process determine, as justly as possible, with 20/20 hindsight, how to divide the future say in the control, and any future spoils of Canonizer LLC. So we welcome any and all people and organizations willing to cooperate under such terms. We believe the time value of contributions to be of extreme importance, making early contributions of far more worth than equivalent ones made latter in time.

If something like going public turned out to be in the best interest in the goals of Canonizer LLC, we believe such may be much more of a possibility than selling out to some single established company. However, the current secretive state of the stock markets of today, where it is not public knowledge who owns what companies is completely contrary to the everyone knows everything Canonizer values. In today's financially free and intelligent rich environment, it is easy to imagine finding ways to accomplish similar things to "going public" while maintaining core Canonizer values such as everyone knowing everything.

So far we have, and our goal is to continue to grow very conservatively, fully utilizing and recording volunteer efforts, essentially only paying with funds already earned and fully committed, and making no other commitments than can be easily met over the long term. The increasing number of institutions like Wikipedia, Del.icio.us, Facebook, digg.com, YouTube and so on prove that creating ever more significant world changing organizations is possible with the amounts of initial required seed capital quickly approaching zero. Everything you need is essentially free only requiring a few engineer man years of free time to wire everything together with a bit of Perl code.

Could what the Canonizer is working on be considered of more value than grainy 30 second TV spots? After all, we are only in the business of asking people what they want and believe. Do you need to pay people for that? And in an increasingly automated and free future, will there be anything of more value than knowing concisely and quantitatively precisely this for everyone?

It is very true that many of our large revenue generating ideas that seem to reveal themselves around every corner are currently nothing more than pie in the sky "boil the ocean" type possibilities. But ultimately, we believe there are stepping stones enabling us to get from where we are now to where those kinds of possibilities start to become possible. We believe we can ultimately set our sites much higher than even this. Some would say, as the old adage goes, we seek to use the internet to conquer the world from the comfort of our own front room, in our spare time. But we like to think of it more as literally saving the world, by first knowing what it wants, and then seeking to get it all for everyone.

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