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Interests Properly Balanced

This camp is set up to invite support for and participation in the articulation of an appropriate theory of balance between the rights of individuals and the rights of the collective of individuals, as a group, that make up the citizenry of the state in question.

Certainly we find ourselves now confronted with this question as we grapple with the realities of health services being overwhelmed with Covid cases. The question of vaccinations and the freedom of choice now lie before us amidst a national crises that forces the issue and questions of balance between individual rights like never before.

This question of the appropriate balance between the individual interests of the governed and greater good of the collective of those who are citizens of the state in question is an age old point of controversy and discussion and the primary philosophical root of the fundamental differences between communist and other totalitarian states and representative democracies.


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Related discussion (to prime the pump of related ideas and recommendations) follows:

(It will not be included in the camp statement, once adopted, as such... unless by popular support)

The canonizer subscriber xodarap views the discussion of individuality to be so important he opened a camp on that topic entitled "Evil". I completely agree with the fundamental nature of that discussion as it relates to the guiding principles of government. I am trying to talk xodarap into moving that discussion to a different presentation area precisely because I think the topic is so fundamental and important that it warrants attention and deserves its place as one of the highest priority topics of guiding government principles.

xodaraps position can be found here

I would very much like to convince xodarap to adopt a revision of his position statement to something more like what follows: (I think it will get more support and those points deserve more support)

Treating a person as a thing reflects an attitude about the nature of the being that contributes to treatment of the being in question that cannot be justified otherwise. The treatment that follows is often fundamentally evil by the standards of the Judeo-Christian ethic that prevails in America and other philosophies that prevail elsewhere.

The philosophical idea of a person being no more than a highly evolved thing, absent an element of consciousness that transcends the individuals biology, impacts on judgements of social appropriateness in matters of relationships, communities, and the behavior of people as individuals and in organizations.

The philosophical attitude, that people are nothing more than their biology, depersonalizes them and contributes to justification in corporate, government, and social environments, of herd management that chronically overlooks and ignores the potential for significant and meaningful contribution to the greater good that is inherent in the evolving consciousness of each individual, when and only when nurtured, treated with respect, and encouraged.

Depersonalization of individuals into a concept of human resources that sees them as no more than cogs that fit mechanically into the structure of corporate tasks and objectives, deprives both the individual and the corporate consciousness of the higher potential for contribution that most individuals actually have, and are anxious to offer, until it is stripped of its creativity by being suppressed and confined to submissive obedience and conformity without the advantage of the critical and creative contributions found in uninhibited human consciousness when inspired to its fullest potential.

Waste, by the standards of many of the worlds prevailing social philosophies is wrong, or “evil”. It follows, then, that the waste of the greatest of the potential contributions of human resources, which is soulful insight that comes from consciousness that transcends the biology, is among the greatest evils on earth.

A reasonable examination of world history suggests, by the evidence, that this is true. The greatest of the worlds atrocities follow the collapse of the very concept of humanity into a morose notion of morally bankrupt competition, not for higher values and a greater good that well serves the species, but only for control and dominion of the mighty with no more justification for their exalted status than their skill at oppressing or manipulating masses that well may be more thoughtful, more intelligent, more harmonious, and better prepared than their rulers to usher in a new age of cosmic enlightenment and galactic harmony, not to mention also better prepared to manage the very corporate, government, and social structures that oppress them, waste resources, serve the few at the expense of the many, and practice deceit and manipulation if not brutality instead of the well-deserved respect of their constituents to maintain their ruling status.

The greatest potential of humanity, is the potential that is increasingly ignored, sadly, as the motivations of the darkest perspectives among us contribute to the suppression of the very idea and concept of the reality of the human consciousness that transcends human biology in an effort to justify their own abusive avoidance and oppressive disruption of the competitive forces and energy of enlightenment that transcend what they have forsaken.

The world is now and has been for decades at war. This is not a war of bullets and bombs. It is a war over world dominion that is being waged on a philosophical and particularly a metaphysical level over the very minds of the human species. The objective of the darkest forces on earth, that have now infiltrated all government, educational, scientific, and most religious institutions, is involuntary submission. Bullets and bombs are no longer relevant to the larger objective and the more advanced technologies at play. They are distractions, as is the fear they generate.

Both Eisenhower and Kennedy were well aware of this war and cautioned the public. Kennedy proceeded to take meaningful steps against the dark forces in question and was killed for that reason.

See Warnings by Eisenhower and Kennedy as found on politac.org which is among the latest targets of government censorship. It has been delisted even now from bing and multiple "similar" sites "politic.org", "politac.com" dominate the searches for it as distractions. It can now (as of recently) only be found by typing politac.org into the url locator directly.

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