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Go live Time : 17 July 2021, 11:34 PM
This camp is set up for those who wish to support the idea that the Book of Mormon is a 19th Century Fraud without diluting their support of other camps that identify issues with the Book of Mormon.

To clarify: This camp invites support from those who believe the Book of Mormon to be either a colloquial fraud, or an actual fraud by more technical or legal standards.

Colloquially, we tend to use the term "fraud" a bit more liberally than a legal definition. Colloquially (in common usage) the term refers generally to things misrepresented to be true, by those who know them to be false.

See Fraud on Dictionary.com

The legal definition of fraud has more specific and detailed standards.

See Discussion of Legal Fraud

Everything that one may consider to be false, not credible, or not authentic about the Book of Mormon does not necessarily involve, suggest, include or imply fraud. Some things, with the greater context of the Church's representation that it is a true and authentic work, do.

This camp is an indexed part of the Challenges to the Book of Mormon discussion. If you support this camp, please support that camp as well.

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