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Members of this camp believe the repair and improvement of the Parks and Recreation Building to be a top priority.

You can watch a video about it here.

The Parks and Recreation Building is a 23,500-square foot building built in 1928 of unreinforced masonry construction. The building’s original purpose was a Junior High School. The City purchased the building in the seventies and used it as a City Hall until 1993 at which time it became the Parks and Recreation Building. The building includes an active gym and houses the Department’s Administration, Recreation, Parks Supervisors, Community Arts, Community Events, and sports equipment storage.

The building has a number of issues that were detailed in a June 2008 report done by CRSA Architecture. The most serious concerns are seismic issues. However, the heating, plumbing and electrical systems are old and inadequate. The City modified the building to meet ADA concerns, which included installing a ramp to the lower and middle levels. However, the building still would need an elevator to make the third floor ADA accessible. Plus, lead-based paints and asbestos are always a concern in an older building like this.

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