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Go live Time : 09 April 2022, 09:17 PM

Sandy City Consensus Project

What would you like Sandy City to be? This is a bottom up, constantly improving, wiki system in which everyone can have a voice. The goal is to know, concisely (in the fewest possible camps) and quantitatively, what every last person wants. Let's build consensus and prioritize all of our ideas! The purpose of this topic is to prioritize specific items. People can support all of their most important camps, in their preferred order. The links in each camp point to the topics where the details of each item can be worked out.

If you have any ideas not yet listed in this topic you can create a new topic on the side bar. Then create a new camp for it in this topic with the same name by clicking "Start new supporting camp here." Then add a statement like the other camps containing a link to your new topic. Or just start a camp describing what you want, and let others take it from there.

With Wiki systems, things don’t need to be perfect to get started as everything can be improved by anyone. With wikipedia, edits go live instantly. With canonizer, proposals go into review for 24 hours. All direct supporters are notified of proposed changes. If it survives 24 hours with no supporters objecting, it then goes live. See the disagreement page in the help topic on the side bar for ways to move forward when someone objects to a proposed change.

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