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Many people believe we have some kind of "spirit" or "soul" that is some how above, in a different spiritual dimension, or whatever from our physical body. Many of these people believe this spirit will arise, or be freed, or whatever from the physical body when it dies. We do not believe anything like this is true. We believe that everything we consciously experience is part of the physical brain; that when we die, the conscious properties that existed cease to exist, or at best, like the rest of the matter of our body, disassociates as it rots into the rest of the natural entropy of the universe.
This does not, however, deny the possibilities either that a machine, without a brain as such, could be conscious, or that a person's consciousness could by some technically advanced method be cloned or transplanted into a machine or another body (or some hybrid of these). Support for this statement does not imply any particular position on these issues.

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