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Consciousness as underlying force of physics This camp states that consciousness is a fundamental 'energy' (for lack of better term) whereas everything from subatomic particles, to people, to the universe itself has consciousness. Consciousness is underlying to the four fundamental forces; electromagnetic, gravity, strong and weak. Consciousness is everywhere at once and everything, including us, taps into it. Consciousness is measured relative to the observer, governed by awareness, by means of the physical reality it creates.


The very first thing to do is to define the term 'consciousness', as it can be easily misinterpreted. For the sake of this theory, do not confuse consciousness with senses, thinking or memory. Consciousness is underlying these, much the same way electricity is needed to turn on a computer, whereas a keyboard, mouse, wifi (senses), a processor (thinking) and a hard drive (memory) are present. The analogy is not meant to say that our bodies do not have a soul, or carries on after we 'shut off', there is much room in this theory for interpretation of 'other' conscious phenomenon. The analogy of a computer to human is used only to illustrate the fundamental nature of the term 'consciousness' as should be considered for this theory.


Observation, in this theory's term, is when at least two conscious objects become aware of each other. Observation is being conscious of something through awareness. Here is the evidence from which this theory is derived from:

1) Consciousness is present in humans, as well as other forms of life. - Theory states consciousness goes beyond just living objects.

2) Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity states space-time is measured relative to an observer, with evidence shown of the speed of light constant. - Theory states consciousness should be measured relative to the observer.

3) Observation (consciousness) collapses a wavefunction of a quantum particle; which essentially creates a solid from a wave. - Theory suggests everything outside an observer's field of consciousness (awareness) is in a superposition state relative to the observer.

4) Particles which are entangled communicate with each other faster than the speed of light. - Theory implies a consciousness between the entangled particles, and that consciousness is more fundamental than space-time.

5) String Theory and M Theory hypothesize multiple dimensions. - Theory also hypothesises that space-time has a fifth dimension that consciousness interacts with.


Awareness is the relative measure of the field of consciousness of a specific observer/object. I'll sometimes refer to awareness as range or field of consciousness, and vice versa. It is known in quantum physics that every particle exists as a wave and only an object when being observed. This theory states that consciousness is a force with strength measured in the amount of reality it creates, relative to the conscious observer. The greater the awareness, the greater the strength of consciousness. Consciousness is typically thought of as being awake or aware, and unconscious as unaware. Consciousness uses our biological senses to increase awareness, including memory (time dimension). If we took out our senses; no feeling, no seeing, no hearing, no smelling, we still have consciousness but are very limited in our awareness (possible connection to dreaming). Senses help increase our awareness, just the same as the four fundamental forces help increase the awareness of particles, and other inanimate objects, to each other. The fundamental force that creates electrical attraction of an atom of carbon to another atom constitutes the range of its awareness. Relative to the atom of carbon, nothing exists outside its awareness; everything is all in a superposition wavefunction state until observed by that atom. With nothing, or very little existing outside the field of consciousness of the atom of carbon, its consciousness is very limited. On the other hand, the moon is very conscious / aware of the earth due to its gravitational pull – to the moon, a blade of grass on earth exists only as a superposition wavefunction as it is unobserved by the moons gravity.


In this hypothesis, I refer to scale as a fifth dimension of space-time. The same way we can measure any spatial coordinate using 3 dimensions, and 1 point in time, the scale of the coordinate we are referring to can add a 5th complexity. To summarize, the coordinate 0,0,0 in the middle of a 3-dimensional chart from our eyes looks like a pencil dot, but that dot consists of billions of atoms whereas only 1 atom on their scale may actually be at that exact coordinate – to us, all billion are at the coordinate. This concept is difficult to illustrate, but in terms of consciousness, the following is derived: Consciousness works on different scales as well through groups and collaboration. Typically, the larger the group of objects, the larger the field of consciousness will be and higher up on the scale that consciousness will observe awareness. Ie. a cell within a person is conscious of other cells but not of what the person is doing. The person is also not aware of what their individual cells are doing. This also implies that when that person walks into a room of people, there is a shared consciousness that that room has that that person may feel is 'relaxing' or 'pressure filled' – there is a collaborative consciousness that exists above the level we maintain normal awareness of. Atoms that make up a rock are aware of the atoms beside each other, and that rock may have an awareness of the ground it sits on, and all rocks that compose of the earth collectively (but not necessarily individually) have an awareness of the moon through gravity, and so on. Shifting scales of consciousness could explain things like psychic healing, out-of-body experiences, etc..


- Everything has consciousness, every object small or big, alive or inanimate.

- Senses broaden our field of consciousness. Four fundamental forces constitute 'senses' for particles, and creates conscious awareness.

- Field of consciousness is based on observation by senses. Living organisms are able to harness consciousness through senses, the 4 fundamental forces also act as senses creating conscious awareness.

- Consciousness should be measured relative to the observer. The field of consciousness will collapse a superposition wavefunction of everything within it's awareness, relative to the observer. In other words, only relative to the observer, outside of awareness everything exists only when observed.

- Consciousness functions across 4 space-time dimensions, and also a 5th scale dimension. This infers 'the moon is still there even if no one is looking at it'.

- Field of consciousness is relative to the observer, and scale of the observer

- Consciousness groups together and collaborates on larger scales; the larger the group of object, the larger the field of consciousness. Ie. a cell within a person, all cells within a person, a room of people, all people on earth. Could be possible to shift awareness to, or 'feel', other consciousness scales.

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