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The Michelson-Morely experiment, which demonstrated the invariability of the speed of light irrespective of motion, constituted a serious challenge to classical physics. And, it was not until the development of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, more than 10 years later, that this problem was resolved satisfactorily.
Chalmers' 'Hard Problem' of consciousness, inasmuch as it is nothing more than a re-wording of the metaphysical duality--which has established the foundation of Western philosophy, physics and the scientific method itself for hundreds of years--is, in fact, the 'Michelson-Morely experiment' for both a 'classical' science of consciousness and a science of the 'classical' consciousness. In other words, it not only demonstrates the severe limitations of "thought" words in describing consciousness; it also demonstrates the necessity of a new paradigm of consciousness (including the use of "picture" words) in which thought itself is looked upon not as an 'inertial frame of reference'; but as only one source of information for a more complete description of human consciousness.

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