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Go live Time : 29 July 2008, 05:27 AM
The method of science is to manipulate nature by pushing it around prodding it to see how it behaves. This is a reaction by the scientist to a sense of helplessness to nature,being pushed around by it. At this juncture,when it comes down to defining the self,the nature of the self, consciousness, a paradox emerges: either, if a nebulouly definable universal consciousness exists, to scientifically test ideas one would be pushing himself around, or by means of unconscious denial, ultimate theory accomodates human life and the universe as an abstraction, an abstraction in the name of oneness -of the universe moving with the self, in lieu of the self as conceptually 'nature ' , both conceptually capable of pushing. All other investigation, catagorizations, ontology, descend from this unaware activity and conceptualization as a war with nature -i.e with the self, and are pathological/auto-pathological-sources of this pathology, frustration and motivations in searching remain unrevealed/undefined.

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