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ABC theory explained (canonizer version)
At the moment of cosmogenesis (big bang), all initial, highest frequency/energy phase order fractal involved fields of spacetime, descend in orderly frequency-energy phase orders, from near infinite to near zero -- after emanating from the *singularity* of general relativity -- whose dual inherent qualities are potential subjective *consciousness* and objective *matter*.
The following diagrams symbolize this initial fractal involution and expansion of cosmos.
This source of everything in our phenomenal hyperspace and metric space-time, is the timeless and dimensionless zero-point center and surrounding infinite spin momentum, (G-force or "spinergy*) of unconditioned and eternal Absolute SPACE. This primal space remains, ubiquitously, in our lower order physical/material spacetime, at the zero-point center of "spinergy" at the origin (singularity) of every radiant field, fundamental particle and physical form, up to the largest galaxy, quasar, black hole, etc.
It is this Absolute SPACE that is both the creative force (conscious will) and the receptive womb (infinite spin momentum) that constitutes the cosmic eggs out of which all subsequent universes, with their metaphysical hyperspace and physical metric space fields, fractional involve and subsequently evolve, simply and directly ... With our cosmos being only one of those infinite universes... All of which are governed by the same fundamental cyclic and electrodynamic laws rooted in primal spin momentum.
Thus, every thing (all multidimensional space-time fields and all matter-energy forms) throughout all spherically manifest SPACE-TIME universes, are essentially analogous and corresponding, in accord with holographic principles as well as the universal laws of electrodynamics.. All based on the ubiquitous fractal topological geometry and the fundamental spin of every-zero-point singularity throughout total space (including "hyperspace" of string theory, and metric space of general relativity [1])... And are potentially conscious at every non local zero-point source of all fractal involved information/energy fields, ad infinitum.
To comprehend the origin of this endless and beginningless fundamental nature of all harmonic polar hyperspherical (toroidal) fields, at any phase order of overall involved spacetime, see:
This, includes all zero-point fields radiated from the ZPE at the Planck level (that generates and empowers all the black hole centers of every galaxy, star, planet, organism, organ, cell, virus, down to each fundamental particle an all the fields of metric space and hyperspace.
Thus, all consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, detection, perception, discernment, discrimination, decision, etc. is located at the ubiquitous source of all ZPE fields, and all information of consciousness is carried, transformed and transmitted as holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of such hyperspace fields... With the entire universe and all the structures within it, essentially a hologram... And all information carried as AM/FM modulated wave interference patterns on the surface of the fields, can be transmitted from one to the other, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance...
All such information of consciousness (either neural transformed sensory or stored memory field images) can be detected and perceived, at each zero-point of awareness, solely by reflection of appropriate higher order coherent radiation projected willfully from the spinergy at each point of sensory perception.
Thus, we see and hear from a point in the center of our head, feel pain at the point of trauma, taste on the tongue, smell in the nose, touch on the skin, etc, -- with all such points entangled with the point of our individual self or "I AM" consciousness -- located in the neural plexus at the naval chakra center of the overall body aura or spiritual field. See:
Therefore, right from the primal beginning, everything (including spacetime itself) is electrodynamic in fundamental nature, and all the laws of electricity, harmony, resonance, capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc, as well as thermodynamics (on the physical material metric levels) universally underlie all the physical laws of nature. As I see it -- which incidentally, doesn't contradict any valid or *proven* physics -- it's these fundamental laws of cycles, rooted in original spin, that are also the basis of all mathematically described quantum dynamics, and the origin of all cosmic matter-energy fields and their forms and effects that are postulated in superstring/M theories, and other, as yet unfalsifiable multidimensional hyperspace (ether) field, plasma field, quantum field, holographic paradigm, micro-particle theories, etc.
(To be continued... )

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