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Most if not all esoteric philosophies assume that consciousness is prior to the brain. We believe this to be true and that that brain is merely a conduit to our consciousness. This does not imply that consciousness is supernatural or magic. We believe that scientific research indicates that there is much more to the universe than just the mundane physical.

Our position is outlined somewhat with this:

Hi Murty; What do you mean by "matter?" The physicist Schroedinger once wrote that when physicists went inside the atom they did not find matter, or substance. What they found was form. In other words relationships. And like all atoms are connected to a inside energy source --the ZPE (Puthoff 1987) it is very likely that the living brain is also somehow connected to this what I call the inside of empty space, which incidentally has been experimentally proved to not only be a source of energy but also is non-local, like gravity, that is, transmission is instantaneous. This has also been proved experimentally by the Aspect twin particle effect, where once entangled atomic particles (photons) remain as if one even while they are separated by great distances. A computer will not be connected to this source in a meaningful way. That is why I think a computer will never be "conscious."

The question is what role does this inside of empty space, known by many names such as "false Vacuum, hyperspace, and so on, play in the creation or maintenance of consciousness? The mystics claim that it is the seat of consciousness, also proposed by physicist Kafatos and Nedeau in their book "The Conscious Universe" ISBN 0-387-97262-5 they write "Since our argument is logically consistent and very much in accord with what the "vision" of the cosmos in modern physical theory "infers" about reality-in-itself, one need make in our view only a very small leap of faith to come to the conclusion that the universe is conscious," (pp 10)

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