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Wikipedia has a great article about the facts dealing with the Hard Problem of Consciousness. It is located here:
There are more than a few theories about how this problem will or will not be resolved by science in the future; a few of which are mentioned in the Wikipedia article.
In addition to this type of factual information, the goal of the Canonizer is to concisely collect and specify each of these various "camps" or "theories" about such things as the nature of consciousness. Also, we would like to have a comprehensive and quantitative measure of just who it is that is in each of the various camps on such issues.
If you have done any amount of thinking on this topic, hold any opinions on it, (or trust someone who has already contributed that has) we hope to concisely collect all such here. If your POV is already represented, please join or support and help more concisely state such in the POV statement for that camp. If your POV isn't yet here, I hope you get a statement started to give voice to all others that end up sharing your POV. If you are not an expert in this field, but you trust someone that is, we hope you will delegate your support to that person, giving what that person believes more influence in deciding what scientists should spend most of their time looking for.

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