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The Mormon Canon Project will use Elder Bruce R. McConkie's seminal work "Mormon Doctrine" as a template for a discussion about Latter-day Saint theology.

Elder McConkie's original articles from "Mormon Doctrine" will be posted in Canonizer camps as they were written in the first edition of his book, published in 1958.

Canonizer users are invited to review his original articles and join the McConkie-labeled camps if they are in full agreement with them. Competing camps for each of McConkie's original articles will be posted in this tree, and all users are welcome to add additional camps to express their points of view as the project unfolds.

We ask that users not attempt to edit Elder McConkie's original text. Such edits will not be approved. Instead, users are welcome to create competing camps to highlight areas of disagreement.

This topic is part of the Mormon Canon Project.

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