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LDS wedding ceremonies which are conducted in a Mormon temple currently bar from attendance all non-Mormon friends and family, all children, and all Mormons who are not considered sufficiently devout.

When devout Mormons marry they are urged to have the ceremony performed in a Mormon temple. Temples are considered very sacred, and only devout Mormons who have been approved in writing by a Mormon bishop are allowed to enter. Thus, no non-Mormon friends or family members (even parents) can be present at such a temple wedding. Even Mormon children (such as younger siblings of the bride or groom) or less-than-devout Mormon friends and relatives are barred from being present. These persons are considered "unworthy" and must wait elsewhere while the ceremony is performed inside.

In some countries, the law requires that a civil ceremony must be performed outside the LDS Temple to be recognized as valid. Some of these countries include: Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan and South Africa. In these countries, non LDS members are welcomed to the actual wedding ceremony. LDS church policy then makes allowance for the couple to have their union sealed in an LDS temple within a reasonable amount of time.

This Canonizer "topic" is meant to be a place of debate and open communication where all points of view (POV) can be concisely expressed. We seek to know how everyone, especially the rank and file, feels about this issue. What is it that everyone really wants? We seek to know this, for everyone, as precisely and quantitatively measurable as is possible.

If your personal beliefs, desires and values are sufficiently expressed in one of the POV position statements, or if the structure isn't supportive of what you do believe, we encourage you to express this by joining, supporting, and collaboratively improving the structure and that statement that best represents your POV. If your beliefs or desires aren't adequately expressed, we hope you will take a moment to take a first stab at giving voice to people that may feel as you do, and add a new camp position statement in the appropriate location, so that all who feel as you do may be adequately and justly represented.

There is a forum for the entire topic, and forums for each camp where you can discuss collaborative efforts to improve position statements.

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