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Canonizer is an Anarchy, in that nobody tells anyone what to do, and there is no censoring. It is a self-organizing wiki with camps. In traditional systems, passionate desires and gaming of the system destroy consensus. Canonizer is designed so that passion and gaming drive everyone forward into the fewest possible camps. Since it is all about how much consensus you achieve, people are rewarded for attracting people. Camps of any yellers or trollers just become lonely.

Its hierarchical camp structure builds consensus out of controversy and keeps the focus on what people agree on in super camps. Disagreeable issues can be pushed out of the way of consensus into supporting sub camps where they can all still be valued. Controversial issues become fun for everyone to discuss because of its win-win, every-view-is-valued setup. Having information organized in this type of continually-updating, concise and quantitative dendrogram amplifies the moral wisdom of the crowd.

It is also a modern “liquid democracy” where you can “vote” on and participate in consensus building for any issue at any time. If you are not interested in or not able to be that involved in every issue, it can be a Republic, with infinite delegation. You can delegate to anyone, on any topic, and change delegation at any time. In this way, it can emulate a hierarchy if everyone trusts and delegates to a few people or even a single leader on a particular issue. A huge organization can make major direction changes on a dime, simply by a few such trusted leaders jumping camps, instantly changing the leading consensus camp. If a leader messes up, everyone can easily instantly delegate to someone else. Republics need “checks and balances” to keep anyone from gaining too much power. Canonizer is all checks and balances, because you have different experts and leaders on every single issue, and nobody is censored. All the bottlenecks of traditional governments, which prevent anything but a few of the most important issues to be addressed, vanish with Canonizer. An organization that can communicate concisely and quantitatively in this amplified-wisdom way could easily outcompete any hierarchy that can’t do the same.

It can also be any form of a Monarchy or Theocracy or anything else, using something like “instant runoff election” or “quadratic voting” to program any type of algorithm into a selectable “Canonizer.” Canonizer algorithms allow you to measure the consensus of only the people you trust. For example, you can specify that a Canonizer algorithm only gives weight to votes of a select list of people, via any method, even if that is only one person with full control for that group using only that Canonizer algorithm. When you select your desired Canonizer algorithm, the camps are re-sorted, prioritized, and filtered, accordingly. You could easily do things like compare “core developer” consensus with “miner” consensus. That which you measure improves.

Canonizer is new, open source, and still needs lots of work. Anyone can help. It is 100% transparent. Everyone is responsible, and it is owned by those who do the work as specified in the camps. Canonizer.com is managed as a leaderless canonocracy, using quadratic voting. So it can become anything anyone wants it to be. Just let everyone know what that is, so we can all work towards making it so.

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