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Go live Time : 08 April 2019, 10:46 PM

State Fees

The “State Fees” proposal is in early development. The latest draft version is “State Fees 3”. Version 4 is expected soon.

The purpose of this topic is to build and track how much consensus there is for (and against) State Fees. If you support State Fees, as currently defined, you simply need to support this agreement statement, as if you were signing a petition.

Any sub camp can be created to represent any possible improvements or differing opinions about the current definition. For example, “against” or “abstain” camps can be created. It is best if you define exactly what it is the supporters of the camp want. For example, it may be a description of a proposed change to what is currently defined in the EIP, including arguments and evidence as to why. If a change is accepted into the EIP, it (and the supporters of that camp) can be considered to have achieved consensus, and can then be moved up into the root agreement statement, no longer requiring that sub camp.

This topic is part of the Ethereum Consensus Project.

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