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Go live Time : 25 September 2019, 09:22 PM

Implement ProgPoW ASAP

This camp supports ProgPoW. This page will outline the reasons for that support. If you agree, please join this camp.

Core Devs have indicated that ProgPoW will move forward unless major issues emerge from the audits. We would be willing to abandon our support for ProgPoW should such compelling issues arise. To date, we have seen no such compelling issues.

We want to monitor and track consensus around ProgPoW and future deployment plans. Please help us keep this camp statement up to date in describing the deployment processes as they are developed. In that way we can continue to track consensus on any and all ProgPow issues.

This camp statement is in the process of being drafted. If you want to help write and/or revise the next version of the camp statement, you can do so in this Google doc.

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