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Go live Time : 12 February 2020, 04:27 PM

Funding Governance Proposal

We may want to move this issue to it's own topic, some day. It doesn't really belong as a camp to this meta "Ethereum Consensus Project"

The goal of this camp is to wiki develop consensus around a method to govern how any block rewards funds were spent.

A survey topic could be created where people could propose what to spend the money on in the camps of that topic. The amount of consensus any camp could achieve would determine how much of the block rewards would go to fund that camp. A smart contract system could be created to execute at regular time intervals to distribute the money collected during that period. It could be daily, weekly, or monthly. This smart contract system would then distribute the block rewards earned during that period, according to how much consensus each camp had at that particular time.

A canonizer algorithm to determine the amount of consensus for each camp could be designed by the community. It could include signals from things like:

  • Ether Core Developers (This could be a white list)
  • Miners (Any algorithm to determine who Miners were.)
  • Quadratic Ether (A person’s vote = sqrt(Ether))

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