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Ethereum Consensus Project

Canonizer is a consensus building and real-time tracking system that lets everyone have a voice, at scale. Canonizer is offering its consensus building services to the Ethereum community for free. If you are working on an EIP, feel free to contact, and they can help with the process of starting a topic to help build and track consensus for your Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP).

If someone approaches an Ethereum community leader or a core developer with an issue or desire, they can be told to start organizing a community around what they want. is a tool designed for that. Once someone finds enough people that want the same thing they do, people will find a way to make it happen. The hardest part is the consensus finding and building. That is the purpose of this Ethereum Consensus Project. Instead of everyone repeatedly yelling what they want to everyone yelling different things that they want, everyone should build a community around it or canonize it. Canonizer is a place where people can come to start camps describing what they want, and then everyone can work to find and build as much consensus as possible around that.

Here is a list of “Ethereum Consensus Building” topics that have been created to date:

And here is a list of canonizer algorithms related to Ethereum. Not all of them are fully functional, but they soon will be.

Anyone can contribute by creating (and adding to this list) or joining topics or camps. Once you join a camp, you have editorial control of that and all parent camps. You can object to any changes you don’t like, preventing those changes from going live. Everything is self censoring, as it is all about how much consensus you can build. Various canonizer algorithms can be used and proposed to measure the consensus of only the experts you trust.

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