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Go live Time : 16 March 2022, 02:24 PM

The Economy

The U.S. government influences economic growth and stability through the use of fiscal policy (manipulating tax rates and spending programs) and monetary policy (manipulating the amount of money in circulation). When the government raises taxes, money moves out of private hands and into government coffers. Over the course of history some governments have attempted to exercise complete control over economic affairs in the interest of accomplishing social or political goals, and other governments have attempted to stay completely out of economic affairs in the belief that economies work best when they are unregulated. Today, the roles that most governments play in their national economies fall somewhere between these two extremes.

We support a smaller government and lower taxes, especially when it comes to military spending.

We are currently way too far in debt. We should be like some countries that have a national surplus, collecting interest, not paying a huge percentage of our budget to interest.

We think the Federal Reserve should use Canonizer as a tool to find out from the people, in an amplified wisdom of the crowd way, whether to raise or lower interest rates. With the current method, people don't trust it, and it often makes terrible mistakes leading to too much inflation or not enough jobs. Using Canonizer as an additional source of information to help with these decisions would significantly decrease the mistakes made in either direction.

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