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Go live Time : 21 October 2021, 01:37 AM
Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important in education?

Diversity and inclusion improve teaching and learning. People learn and enrich their abilities to think critically and creatively as they engage in conversations across difference, especially when all learners' abilities and attributes and embraced.

Providing equitable access to education and supporting tolerance of those who look different or have special needs creates a positive effect on learning. Classroom management falters when students experience friction with other students. By actively engaging in learning activities that instill respect for diversity, the classroom can become a place where respect is a cornerstone and intolerance becomes abhorrent.

The classroom isn’t an island. Its walls, even adorned with posters of diverse figures from history, are porous to ideas. By teaching students about the contributions that all cultures bring to our society, educators can encourage them to spread this respect for diversity beyond school.

Integrated and diverse classrooms promote critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Racial and economic diversity within the classroom results in higher test scores – a quantifiable benefit, of course – but the less tangible reward, a respect for the dignity of every human, is the bedrock of any healthy community.

Program Structure online course consists of eight asynchronous modules and the course concludes with live faculty led synchronous session. The

combination of the online platform, discussion groups and interactive live sessions foster a dynamic learning environment.

Time Commitment Duration: 5 weeks Weekly Coursework: 5-7 hours/week Format: Asynchronous & Synchronous sessions

government systems that work well for everyone. Equity is not just a core value, but also at the center of our work. We don’t just talk about the promise of an America built on equity, respect, dignity, and freedom—we create and measure it. We must address deep inequities threaded into our country’s history and work toward more equitable outcomes for the people we serve. To that end, in addition to our work changing government systems, we have also prioritized an overall vision for what it means to be a truly equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization—where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and feel a sense of inclusive organization—where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and feel a sense of shared belonging. With our DEI work, we strive to be a leader in tech ecosystems—and beyond.


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