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Go live Time : 07 June 2021, 11:02 PM

Remove All Walls

We think all walls at any borders are selfishly immoral and anti-social. People should be free to travel in or out of any country at any time, at will. We realize there are issues with this, but we feel trying to build a wall to avoid such issues is far more damaging to the world than any benefits. We are a blessed country and believe on the whole, the more people that come in, the better for everyone.

When a judge blocked Trump's attempts to stop people from coming into the US, a target was placed on that judge, people saying that he would be held accountable for any deaths from any terrorist attacks. This kind of thinking is completely irrational. It is similar to thinking all the TSA efforts, making all of our lives at airports a literal hell, does any good. 9-ll is proof that where there is a will, there is a way, and no amount of walls or hell spent going through TSA checking is going to prevent that. Our belief is that the only people that buy into these kinds of arguments are unable to understand complex logic, and are overly prone to buy into this kind of irrational fear mongering. They selfishly care for incorrectly thinking they are safer, while they vote to sacrifice the goodness of everyone's lives, everywhere, because of these kinds of anti-social policies that makes so many billions of lives and activities miserable in so many ways.

Rather than building a wall, or making hellish TSA lines, it is far better to find out what everyone wants, and work to get it all, for everyone, rather than trying to frustrate what others want, turning them into terrorists in the first place.

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