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Go live Time : 07 July 2022, 06:25 PM
We've, yet again, started over. Please go here for the new root trunk of the "Platform of the People"

The purpose of this topic is to build as much consensus as possible around what people want from their government by measuring, concisely and quantitatively, what everyone wants.

This topic is meant to be for everyone. In other words, it is party independent. Everyone can canonize exactly what it is they want. We can then construct and use various Canonizer algorithms that can be used by any political party or group. For example, by selecting a “United Utah Party” canonizer algorithm (soon to be created), this will re-sort the order of the planks, and sub camps, according to the consensus of only members of that party.

The goal is to come up with a set of planks that would make up a political party platform in the top level camps. The plank camps identify the issues to be discussed, but they take no position on those issues. Each plank will have a link to a different Canonizer topic, where the details of the topic can be discussed in depth. Disagreements should be stated and measured in the sub camps below.

The purpose of this entire project is to measure the priority of each plank relative to each other. With widespread participation, we will be able to define a working consensus on what government’s priorities ought to be.

The goal here is that we can find similar common ground and therefore work to be able to get everyone the government they want and deserve.

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