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Go live Time : 16 November 2023, 07:30 PM

Preferred Voting Method

The purpose of this topic is to build and track consensus around people’s preferred way to vote.  The current leading consensus camp is Approval Voting.

Canonizer petitions are non-selfish petitions, in that the supporters of the consensus camp humbly care about people with different points of view.  The goal is to find creative ways to get everyone all that they want.  So, if you are already on board with the consensus, please lend your support.  If you want something different, feel free to create or support a competing camp.  After all, if you include what everyone wants… That, by definition, is consensus.

Unless you are very interested in this topic, and willing to spend lots of time reviewing and helping to improve new camp changes, it is better to delegate your vote to someone else.  The fewer direct supporters the better.  As things scale in size, it is far easier for large camps to progress and/or instantly change directions, if there is only one, or a few leaders with everyone else following.  If that leader ever messes up, you can always instantly delegate your support to someone else.  Legitimate hierarchies with followers are far better than violent hierarchies that do hateful things like excommunicate you if you aren't “with us”.


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