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Warning: movie spoiler below.
Barbosa says something like: "Getting to the underworld is easy. It is getting back that is the problem."
This escape from the under world sequence is truly exciting, especially because of the great "Up Is Down" track by Hanz Zimmer playing in the background.
Personally, it seems like much of the world today has many of its morals and ways of thinking completely backwards. It seems to us much of the world thinks what is really good is bad, what is really moral is immoral, and most of all that the world is going to hell in a hand basket when it is so obviously about to achieve an infinitely glorious singularity. So this sequence where an apparently crazy person realizes things are upside down, starts taking action, and how everyone else joins in vibes with so much power for us.
We think this would make a great theme park attraction, where people could really work at rocking something like a ship in this way. Perhaps groups could be timed to see which could do it the fastest.

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