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Cross-posted and modified slightly from http://canonizer.com/topic/88/33 Theories of Mind and Consciousness:

Endogenous ('from within') light from cell mitochondria is guided by structures with fiber optic properties along pathways leading to the brain's cerebral ventricles which are cavities filled with clear cerebrospinal fluid and lined with beating cilia. Light entering those spaces interacts and interferes with other endogenous light forming dynamically resonant structures resembling three dimensional holograms projected there by the electrical activity of the brain. Those dynamic interference patterns together form a nexus, a kind of data connector operating in synchrony with and driven by the brain's electrical activities with feedback such that changes in the nexus also influence the brain's electrical events. The nexus is thus formed from light and its properties are such that energies may interact with it other than those originating in the brain and body.

It is proposed that the nexus being made of light itself is able to interact in ways not yet understood with the background energy of the universe called zero point energy, virtual energy, or energy of the vacuum among others which is demonstrably there by the Cassini effect and is believed to far exceed even nuclear energies in any given volume of matter or even empty space. That vast pool of energy we are saturated in is almost completely unavailable to us however as it is somehow outside our dimensional timeline and only barely interacting with our own by popping in and out of existence very briefly. So say the physicists and if they are correct that enormous background field of energy must itself be full of wave and particle interactions in a vast kind of holographic interference system. Endogenous Light Nexus Theory maintains that in that vast pool of virtual energy exists the source of consciousness in a higher and unitary expression than our own which many teachers and faiths have called God, with most if not all of them in one way or another referring to God as being associated with light. Just as a traditional hologram may be cut into may pieces with each piece able to regenerate a picture of the whole image originally on it, a tiny part of that larger unitary consciousness is able to interact with the nexus to animate the brain and body with what we erroneously recognize to be our separate selves in the grand illusion that is life. Consciousness is thus derived from the same source for everyone and we are all living parallel illusions of separateness.


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