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Go live Time : 05 December 2021, 12:59 PM
In a recent letter from Joel Kramer, Pastor of Living Hope Christian Fellowship, In Brigham City, Utah, he writes part and I do quote (Our heart for Mormons is perfectly reflected by Paul's heart for his fellow Israelites: "My hearts desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge." Rom 10:1. In light of this, we have begun a DNA study on the claim of Hebrew origin for Native Americans taught in the Book of Mormon.) You can go to www.mormonchallenge.com

This explains what the Book of Mormon teaches in regards to Native Americans having a Hebrew origin and it shares the first interview we conducted with DNA Anthropologist, Dr. Stephen L. Whittington at the University of Maine. His area of expertise is DNA testing ancient skeletons from the Maya civilization, which of course is where Lehi's family is said to have landed.
140 tribes from Alaska to the tip of South America have been DNA tested.  The research shows that 96.5% of them show an Asian origin, having migrated to the American continents across the Bering Strait.  The 3.5% discrepancy shows a European origin (mostly Spanish) that emerged after Columbus opened up the Americas to European trade and colonization.  Researchers know this because the discrepancy occurs most frequently in areas that had high post-Columbus activity.  Also, all ancient bones tested show a 100% Asian origin for pre-Columbus Indians.  To date, a Hebrew origin has not been linked to even one Native American.


Now, I sent this article to Pastor Kramer for his review prior to publishing it and he wrote back, in part:

On Monday afternoon we received an e-mail from an LDS anthropologist. He found out about us through the DNA He openly admitted on camera that the recent genetic evidence proves that the Book of Mormon is a false document written by Joseph Smith and others in the 19th Century. He also admitted that it proves that Joseph Smith openly and knowingly deceived people. With authority and sound reason he refutes every argument that Mormon scholars have attempted to explain the DNA problems they face. He refutes them both as a scientist and a Mormon. He also pleads with the LDS people and leadership to come clean in these areas. The interview was discovered, arranged and conducted in such a way that there is nothing that we can take credit for. It was all God! Praise Jesus!

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