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The Book of Mormon is a 19th Century fraud that is the product of imagination, not inspiration. It is not historical, and it is not scripture.

We believe it is “by their fruits ye shall know them” (the scientific method) and by that measure there are still multiple faithless and hateful doctrines and behaviors that appear to be promoted in the BOM. Examples being the irrational portrayal of various “Anti-Christ” figures such as the Korihore figure portrayed in Alma 30: 6-60. The BOM portrays Korihor as evil, simply for his virtue of wanting things to be experimentally verifiable (a demonstrable sign) rather then to just trust a so called “authority”. The people portrayed as good then refuse to talk to Korihor (hateful or at best faithless fruit) and the being referred to as “God” then punishes him by striking him with the disease of dumbness (evil fruit), rather than something good like curing someone that is already dumb.

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