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Go live Time : 18 July 2021, 12:14 AM
This camp has been set up for discussion of challenges to the Book of Mormon on a variety of levels including but not limited to fraud, other questions of authenticity not involving fraud, philosophical and doctrinal challenges, evidentiary challenges, and other.

The point of this camp is to overcome the difficulty with the 19th Century Fraud camp in that every challenge to the Book of Mormon does not fairly constitute fraud, per se.

Some who support challenges to the Book of Mormon may have difficulties with it that do not, in their mind, rise to the level of fraud, but simply doctrines, philosophies, or evidentiary issues from which they conclude they cannot support the Book of Mormon, but do not necessarily believe it to be a fraud, or would prefer to abstain from that particular accusation.

Creating this camp that does not necessarily include fraud, should not be interpreted to mean this is a camp that excludes fraud for those who believe that it is a fraud.

So this camp (support for this camp) suggests the supporter believes there are credible challenges to the Book of Mormon, without specifying which exactly are those particular challenges that the individual supports.

The camp will be tied to an index of various specific challenges. Supporters of this camp will be able to choose which of those specific challenges they support without that specific support diluting their support for another challenge.

Given the way the system works, this will need to be accomplished by setting up the specific challenges to the Book of Mormon at a root level on their own, with an index for quick reference.

That's the idea. Wish me luck and please indicate your support if you are so inclined.

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Book of Mormon as a Fraud

Book of Mormon Word Issues

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