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Sustainable Immigration Policy

Immigration policy should be rational, sustainable, and fair.

The United States government and its officials are obliged to serve the best national interests in good faith with wisdom and are not authorized to arbitrarily give away or overly burden national resources in the name of charity or kindness on behalf of the American people.

It is clearly evident that the United States struggles to support its own citizenry who are in need. We absolutely cannot afford, no matter how sad the reality is for others, to absorb the needy of other nations, who depend on public resources for assistance, into our economy and we cannot afford to recklessly welcome unscreened individuals who bring with them anti-social patterns of behavior or hostility to the American culture, American citizens, or American laws.

Immigration policy should be strict and clear, while facilitating private US individuals or NGOs who want to sponsor individual immigrants with their own private financial support that is demonstrably sufficient for the situation in the long term as opposed to a sham of support to simply get someone into the country only to become a dependent on social services.

Immigration policy should not allow any immigration for those whose reputations demonstrate hostility to American culture or American laws on any level or those who, in their own country, subscribe to or condone behavior towards others that would not be tolerated in the United States, even if some arbitrary writing provides them with the claim that they will comply with American laws and cultural norms, while in the United States, if such is not required of them elsewhere.

Immigration policy should require appropriate medical screening and management to ensure safeguarding against the importation of communicable diseases and infections born by applicants for immigration.

Immigration policy should provide for strict but humane enforcement of immigration laws that provide for efficient and humane containment and deportation of illegal immigrants and appropriate border management to reasonably ensure against illegal immigration.

The United States Government and government officials are stewards of American resources and obliged to act in good faith to conserve and protect those resources from illegitimate exhaustion. They are not the administrators of an international public charity.

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