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Go live Time : 10 June 2020, 06:37 PM
Good people voted for Trump, and good people have supported Trump at various points in his administration. But if you looked at a fascist travel ban and said, “I can live with that,” you are not as good a person as you were before. If you watched Trump say that “very fine people” were marching alongside literal Nazis in Charlottesville and you said, “Oh, that’s not a big deal,” you became less of a very fine person yourself. And if you looked at children in cages at the border and said, “That’s fine by me,” you lost another big chunk of your goodness.

How much goodness can someone lose and still be a good person?

The atrocities with this administration have come rapid-fire and in such high volume that it’s too easy to be inured to them. Remember, for instance, when Trump made baseless murder accusations against a talk show host he didn’t like? That was less than two weeks ago, but it’s already lost under the debris. The wreckage left in Trump’s wake keeps piling up that you can almost be forgiven for forgetting something as trivial as a President of the United States making up a murder charge out of thin air.


Because instead of being inured by all this, a good person needs to be outraged by it. A good person looks at the ocean of Trump bile that has washed over the country and says, “That’s not acceptable. That can’t continue. It has to stop.”

So can you be a good person and support Donald Trump? Well, that depends on how much goodness you had to start with. Because if you keep giving up chunks of your soul, at some point there’s not going to be anything left.

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