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Go live Time : 22 January 2021, 01:06 AM

EIP 1559 Topic

Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain

The purpose of this topic is to build and formally track current consensus both for and against EIP 1559. The goal is to end up with one consensus camp, while valuing and tracking all points of view, especially minority views. If you see a problem not yet included in the consensus, you can work to get a solution included. If the consensus is communicating skepticism around your idea by not accepting it, you should then create a competing camp to that consensus. The Canonizer team can help with this.

Both camps should remember that falsifiability is an important part of building consensus. The supporters of each camp should be able to describe what would falsify their camp and get them on board with the consensus. This could be predicted results of a scientific experiment which may end up being verified or falsified, leaving the job of determining what everyone truly wants up to the experimentalists. Or it could be a desire or concern that has not yet been adequately met by the consensus, which might be resolved by negotiated improvements to the consensus statement. Either way, The goal is to capture what everyone truly wants in the fewest possible camps, without compromise, and then find creative win/win ways to get it all for everyone.

That, by definition, is consensus. No censoring governance required.

This topic is part of the Ethereum Consensus Project.

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