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Go live Time : 02 February 2014, 07:03 PM

Canon Coin (Bitshare CC)

Canonizer.com is a leaderless amplification of the wisdom of the crowd open survey meritocracy system. It's goal is to build and measure for consensus, and for what people want, concisely, quantitatively, and how this changes in real time. Once what people want is known, concisely and quantitatively, the goal will be to get as much of all of it as efficiently and soon as possible. Many hands make light work, so once a desire has sufficient support, it should just come to pass, one way or another.

Most current Crypto Currencies are very difficult, if not impossible to change, especially if their inflation rate, or the amount of the currency that is put into production at any point in time is hard coded. We consider all such as dumb currencies. The smartest coins are coins that are most able to rapidly and decisively act with significant improvements and well timed changes in the market place. We believe the smartest coins will, in the long run, vastly out compete all dumb coins. We predict that people supporting dumb coins will do so, till the market proves to them the superiority of smart coins, and after they have lost significant capital betting on losing flash in the pan dumb coins.

We propose getting a simple minimum viable Canon Coin out as soon as possible. This would effectively be Canonizer.com going cryptographically public. Any revenues collected for Canonizer.com products or services, in Canon Coin, by Canonizer.com, over and above the nearly zero open source expenses, could be paid out to Canon Coin holders as dividends.

Once the simple Canon Coins are trading, with a minim ability to change, there will be a continues leaderless canonization process to determine and prioritize, according to the wisdom of the holders of Canon Coins all subsequent improvements. This includes implementing abilities to do such things as quickly modify the amount (zero or positive or negative) of currency going into production, as specified at Canonizer.com. People will be able to earn any new coins, if any, by doing work, as determined through a Canonization process, for the benefit of the holders of Canon Coin.

Canonizer.com is being developed with an open source model. Currently anyone can contribute. Contributions are recognized and tracked as "Canonizer Recognition Shares" as documented in the spreadsheet available here. We propose the following allocations for the genesis block of Canon Coin.

  1. 10% of BitSahare CCs will be allocated to holders of BitShare PTSs.
  2. 10% of BitShare CCs will be allocated to holders of BitShare AGSs.
  3. 80% of the remaining shares will be allocated to all holders of Canonizer.com recognition shares, as recorded in the spreadsheet linked to in this survey topic.
The current state of this camp is just what the current supporters currently think is best. So if anyone has any improvements ideas, all are welcome. If any diversity of opinion shows up, this can be pushed to lower level supporting sub camps, to be valued, tracked, and rigorously measured for amplified wisdom of the crowd expert consensus. This leaderless meritocracy process will determine the specs in this camp, what Canonizer.com, and Canon Coin will become and do.

For more information, see the Canon Coin camp ranking Canon Coin amongst competing crypto currencies.

This open survey topic is part of the expert "Crypto Currency Survey Project".

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