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Go live Time : 30 January 2014, 10:16 AM

Best technology to use for Distributed Autonomous Organizations.

There are a bunch of new competing cryptographic Bitshare technologies emerging. We at canonizer.com are interested in "going public" as described in the "Canonizer.com Crypto IPO" topic. (see: Canonizer Crypto IPO?)

The purpose of this topic is to survey all experts in this level playing field, and build consensus around the best technologies that could be used for this purpose. We seek to know, concisely, quantitatively, and in real time, what all the experts in all the camps currently believe and why. Canonizer.com will continue to push towards whatever technology is currently in the expert consensus lead. If the expert consensus reveals a superior technology, we intend on switching to moving in that direction.

While this topic is specifically targeted for use with Canonizer.com, the goal is to also be a good source of information for other ventures that may require similar technologies, for Angel Investors who may be considering which technology to support, and so on.

This open survey topic is part of the expert "Crypto Currency Survey Project".

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