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Go live Time : 24 January 2014, 12:22 PM

Should Canonizer.com go public with Cryptographic Bit Shares?

Canonizer.com continues to demonstrate its ability to amplify and educate the wisdom of the crowd in distributed leaderless ways. In our opinion the proof of concept entry into the theoretical field of science of Consciousness is about to revolutionize this field, enabling everyone to see and track, concisely and quantitatively, the leading expert theories in the 20K pile of "peer reviewed" publications. Since 2006, volunteers have been recognized for their work contributing to the open source project making this possible with "Canonizer Recognition Shares". or simply "Canon Coins" (see: Best Tech for Canon Coins.)

Now that there are finally cryptographic technologies like Bitcoin and Bitshares, we feel it is time to move the management of these recognition shares into the public domain where they can be bought, sold, and held. In other words, Canonizer.com can now do a cryptographic IPO and go public. So the purpose of this topic is to survey all holders of Canonizer Recognition Shares in an attempt to measure how much consensus and public support there is for going cryptographically public.

It will take some significant open source work to develop the system required to do this, so people can earn Canonizer Recognition Shares by helping implement the Bitshare system required to do this. If you would like to see the shares you've been recognized with moved to a Bitshare system where you can sell them, but aren't able to help with the work, we would ask that you at least sign the 'yes' camp, to show your support of this idea, and so we can know, for sure, that there is a clear consensus amongst all holders of Canonizer Recognition Shares. We are also interested in how much support there is outside of participators in Canonizer.com. So please join a camp (pro or con) and sign the petition to help us gauge the amount of support.

Goals of Going Cryptographically Public

There are multiple problems with Bitcoin. Many people have argued that Bitcoin is just an experiment, demonstrating the capability of this type of cryptographic systems. They predict some superior currency will come along with all the advantages of Bitcoin, but will at the same time have solved many of the most significant problems. Many Alt coins are attempting to be a better crypto currency, but so far, none of them seem to have yet solved enough of the problems, or found enough improvements, to be recognized by the majority of investors as anything significantly better or even comparable. We think Canonizer.com provides some significant solutions to Cryptographic currencies, and could achieve a leading market capitalization position.

Allocating New Coins

One major problem or vulnerability of Bitcoin, is the way new coins are put into the economy. The mining process currently adds 25 new Bitcoins every 10 minutes and this will continue for the next 3+ years. The amount of work, effort, and money that goes into 'earning' those 25 coins is significant. To say nothing of the "carbon footprint from hell" many believe is damaging the world in the process. All this mining cost and work does little to contribute to society so is a huge waste.

Canonizer.com provides a solution to this problem. The wisdom of the crowd can be surveyed in a leaderless consensus building amplification of the wisdom of the crowd process, to determine what work needs to be done to best improve the world. Once everyone knows, concisely and quantitatively what everyone wants, work to most efficiently accomplish as much of that as possible can be prioritized. Any new coins that need to be put into production can be awarded, via a canonization process, to people for recognition of the work they've done to make the world a better place for everyone, especially for the people at the bottom.

Crypto Currency with Backing

Many fear mongers fail to see the Value Bitcoin brings to the table. Instead they love to focus more on the idea that there is "nothing of value" backing Bitcoin. In contrast to Bitcoin, for example, shares of a company have growing money making potential, growing dividends and so on. As long as a company has that, this puts a very tangible floor under the value of each share of Stock in that company. The most important part to making money is knowing what people want. If there is an organization that can definitively know, concisely and quantitatively, what that is for everyone, there is no end to the ways such an organization could be financially exothermic, efficiently making lots of money, getting lots of people what they want. Just one of an infinite number of examples being, how much money would a large company with a good new product pay, to have a personalized expert amplified wisdom of crowd Canonized real time score show up with their advertisements of a product? Since most everything at Canonizer.com is done for free, by open source volunteers, it's expenses are near zero. So incoming money could be distributed to holders of Canonizer Recognition Shares.

When internet technology first appeared, many laggards that failed to adopt crashed and burned while early adopters accelerated and replaced them. We see a future where new and leading public organization are rapidly abandoning traditional hierarchically managed stock trading organization like the New York Stock Exchange, in favor of distributed autonomous cryptographic Bitshares that can be used for currencies. Bitcoin has sparked the beginning of a firestorm that is the creation of the autonomous technology, infrastructure and regulated environment required to enable all such shares to be easily used anywhere around the world as currency, removing the need for hierarchically controlled middlemen. Canonizer.com is a leaderless, bottom up, distributed organization that amplifies the wisdom of the crowd by enabling it to communicate concisely and quantitatively about what it and everyone wants. Such an organization using modern social consensus building systems could outcompete any waring, unable to co-operate, hierarchical based organization.

Intelligent Management of Currency Quantity

Yet another significant problem of Bitcoin is the dumb inflexible way the quantity of Bitcoin coming into the market is determined. Some people believe this inflexibility is a virtue. They think this attribute makes Bitcoin far more valuable than all fiat currencies that suffer from inflation. We agree that this is a virtue, and we would definitely vote any Canonizer.com recognition shares we held to be at least equally as limited as any other significant crypto currency. But, consider for a moment, what having an intelligently flexible form of crypto currency, that could make significant course changes on a dime, could do to any dumb inflexible currency.

Let's imagine a near future where the Keynesian economists are right. Due to its inflexible nature, there is a very real possibility that Bitcoin will become the first and only asset whose value significantly accelerates, rather than turning down like everything else, during any economic recession. If the Keynesians are right, this could put us back to a time with increasingly worse depressions. These depressions could be worse than anything the world has ever seen. During these depressions nobody would want to buy cars, stocks, real-estate, or anything as they would all be dramatically decreasing in value, while Bitcoin valuations would be accelerating as it's ability to suck up all capital in the world increased. Heck, nobody would even want to spend money on a Pizza, believing that if they instead invested that Pizza money into Bitcoin, it could soon be worth more than $1 million.

Let's say intelligently controllable Canonizer Recognition Shares had become a significant alt coin competing with all the other alt coins, but still hadn't been able to achieve a significant amount of the market Cap of Bitcoin, due to Bitcoin's significant first mover advantage. Perhaps the world would be pleading with anyone to save them from the wild economic swings that could result from a dumb inflexible Bitcoin. Could the holders of Canonizer Recognition Shares intelligently manage the quantity of Canonizer Recognition Shares, significantly reducing the number of them, enabling them to increase in value much faster than Bitcoin, and thereby save the world from such a dumb crypto currency plague? And could the holders of Canonizer Recognition Shares voting their shares towards making such an attempt get stinking rich by doing so?

There are more ways Canonizer Recognition Shares could be vastly superior to any mere Crypto Currency, but these are the most significant superior attributes, and we believe these are plenty adequate and that these superior attributes will soon be obvious to everyone. This could enable the market cap of Canonizer Recognition Shares to eventually surpass that of Bitcoin.

This open survey topic is part of the expert "Crypto Currency Survey Project".

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