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BTS Dilution Survey

To date, BitsharesX has not had any type of dilution. In fact it has had a slight burn rate, rustling in fewer shares in trade than existed in the Genesis block.
This goal of this survey is to measure and track, concisely and quantitatively, what EVERYONE wants to do regarding this issue. Would you prefer to burn more Bitshares? Would you like to produce new Bitshares? If so, what would you like to use the Bitshares for. How should proposals for such be put forth, and how should such decisions be made? What threshold would you want to be met, before any proposal was implemented?
The goal of this survey topic is to be a long term survey to continuously track what all interested parties think should be done. For example, even if a decision is made to dilute shares, for a marketing campaign, or whatever, once that is implemented, the goal of this survey would be to find out, quantitatively how many people would like to repeal such a decision, and if so, to know concisely, why.

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