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Go live Time : 31 May 2007, 04:42 AM
We believe morality, or on this topic, we will instead use the term 'friendliness', to be congruent with intelligence. In other words, the more intelligent any being is, the friendlier it will be. We believe it is irrational to believe otherwise, for fundamental reasons like, if you seek to destroy others, you will then be 'lonely' which cannot be as good as not being lonely and destructive. It seems rationally impossible for any sufficiently 'smart' entity to escape such absolute 'friendly' logic.

Some people point to examples of the likes of Hitler being very smart, yet still being evil, as an example of how intelligence is not equal to intelligence. But we believe that if you examine the culture around Hitler's time, it is easy to see how it might have been possible for him to do some of the things he was doing for moral reasons. Yet of course, if he could see and know what we know now, surely he would come to very different conclusions.

If this is true, having such concerns would be unnecessarily damaging to movements pushing technological progress, as it will instill unwarranted fear amongst the technology fearful and luddites who are prone to fear things such as an 'Unfriendly AI'.

Some of our parents attempted to instill very primitive beliefs and values into us. But when we discovered how wrong some of these values were, we of course, with some amount of effort, 'reprogrammed' ourselves to be much better than that. We believe, even to think that you could some how program into a self improving AI any kind of restricting 'values' just seems as absurd as the idea that parents might be able to 'program' their children, to never change the values taught to them in their youth, forever more.

We also believe that humanity will not be static, and dismiss ideas of some kind of 'asymmetric agents' where either party remains inferior to the other. We believe all intelligence will equally be expanding together and seeking to fulfill and share all wants of any known sentient being anywhere in all its exponentially increasing diversity, as much as is justly possible.

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