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Go live Time : 01 September 2013, 10:28 PM

Earn Coins with Real Work

We agree that switching to scrypt hashing and a faster block rate is a good short term change for Bitcoin. However, ultimately, we believe it would be better to 'earn' coins based on real work that benefits everyone, especially the people at the bottom and all holders of Bitcoins. We are in the Distributed Control camp and agree that some kind of meritocracy that derives and determines its power and expertise in an open survey, bottom up way is not only possible, but could be superior to current central bank controlling methods. Canonizer.com is starting to demonstrate how such could be achieved.

If anyone thinks something like Canonizer.com is not sufficient, some other better system could be derived that would be demonstrably workable, to the degree that it achieves whatever consensus level required to enable such.

This open survey topic is part of the expert "Crypto Currency Survey Project".

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