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Go live Time : 04 December 2021, 02:43 PM
So this is all here for self learning purposes. I am what you would call crypto dummies or sheltered and not taught properly on the dangers of people who simply have no remorse, or soul and I was not careful with my phrase key passcode and emailed it to a friend who I knew I can and always will trust, But in my defense if crypto is so valuable then why is it so easy to hack? Because of my foolish behavior some one somehow got my pass phrase by form of hack did not have a clue it could happen so fast but yet it did... I have used etherscan.com to track my comfirmed transfer the end one is binanace.com
I have emailed countless people I Have called I have spent every waking minute extra tell I got my self so angry that I was that careless and then when I thought i found the answer and god was there to answer my prayers as long as I learned  my lesson on protecting my wallet.I found A Hacking god who promised to use his hacking skills for good well almost got hacked again. so Why is it not
is it non-refundable?
answer because it is decentralized network !
well good news for hackers, it seems to be a booming business!except one problem I have come across more bad hackers then good and on top of that they want you to pay up front with bit coin,
well um its missing remember. how can we pay you in bitcoin when are whole wallet just got robbed its says 0 balance so don't you think its better to get there bitcoin back so they can pay directly after you want us to trust you yet we are trusting you to handle all crypto so then if we don't pay u u can then steel the funds your self and move them 5,000 times tells theres nothing left? so I guess the reason for this camp statement Is to possibly save the future from crypto mistakes or come up with a solution to insure and protect the entire web from being so prone to being stolen and hacked..

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