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Go live Time : 24 June 2013, 04:55 AM

What will the leading Crypto Currency be worth in one year?

The purpose of this survey topic is to produce the best expert consensus survey of what the value of the top Crypto Currency will be in the future. The most important focus is on a valuation one year in the future. Of lessor import is long term valuation, and also short term. As in is the leading currency currently overvalued, subject to a near term "pop" and so on.

This survey topic is time independent. The focus is on one year from now. If people become a bear, in that their working hypothesis is that Bitcoins, for whatever reason, will soon decline, they should abandon bullish predictions camps and support bearish ones. When you support someone as a Crypto Currency Expert the accuracy of their predictions in the past should be most important. Obviously, there are people that desperately 'want' Bitcoins to succeed, and they are always as bullish as one can possibly bee. Similarly there are detractors. Neither of these are good predictors of future value. The best experts should be the ones that see a bubble, and become a bear signalling such, just before a significant crash. Their history of support being definitively recorded in the 'as of' camp history.

If anyone disagrees with the emerging consensus Canonized Crypto Coin Law camp, what, exactly, do you believe, why, and most importantly, how many experts might there be that agree with you?

We will be watching when Bitcion achieves the next order of magnitude of growth in value, and using this to determine which experts best predicted such. This will be used to better determine who the best experts are and to better predict when future orders of magnitude will be achieved, and so on.

This topic is part of the Crypto Currency Survey Project.

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